The brand

At Furca, we pride ourselves on being the answer for all foodies. Whether you always go back for seconds or spend an inordinate amount analyzing the various ingredients, the quality of Furca products is the rallying cry for gourmands and gourmets alike! Fresh ingredients. Real ingredients.

Furca | Bon pour toutes les fourchettes

everything starts
with wholesome

Partnerships with several local companies

We are all increasingly seeking to simplify cooking, that is, to eat products with as few processed ingredients as possible and to rely on the quality and freshness of these ingredients. That is why, at Furca, we are always looking for partnerships with local producers for the development of our products. We take great pride in offering quality products that encourage and enhance the many Quebec specialties.

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Because everyone deserves the best!

Gluten free

Because nowadays, eating well is as much a question of choice as food restriction, all Furca sausages are gluten-free. Meals will now be unforkettable to all gourmets!

A chef
in residence
to develop
the best recipes

Furca is above all a passion of food connoisseurs who like to try new ingredient combinations. To properly structure this creative chaos, a chef from the ITHQ was rapidly invited to join the team to steer and guide this culinary exploration. He is responsible for the impeccable attention to detail and the precision that make a difference in the development of each of our recipes.